SCRIP Coordinator: Jessica Knierim,

  • eScrip

    Families must register their cards annually and can earn a maximum of eight (8) fundraising hours per school year. Five (5) hours are given for the first $1,500 cumulatively spent and three (3) additional hours are given when your annual spending total reaches $3,000. eScrip hours will be tabulated in the May estimate.

    Visit the eScrip Web site ( and then follow the instructions to complete registration. Enter the St. Joseph's School ID#: 5109390. Alternatively, you can print and fill out an eScrip registration form and mail it in. Register the credit/debit cards you already have in your wallet, which can be used at a variety of merchants in our community or apply for an eScrip Visa. For a complete, current list of participating merchants, visit the eScrip web site. This goes towards earning hours.

  • Scrip Gift Cards Online

    Enrollment Code Needed


    2020-2021 Scrip Order Dates

    June: 18

    July: 7, 21

    August: 4, 18

    September: 1, 15, 29

    October: 13, 27

    November: 10, 24

    December: 8, Order for Christmas Gifts

    January: 5, 19

    February: 2, 16

    March: 2, 16, 30

    April 13, 27

    May: 11, 25

    June: 8, 22


    All orders must be placed online before 1PM.  Pay with PayPal or bring order form with payment to the office.